Air Show Programme

Time Display Aircraft Type Registration
11:00 Gates Open 
  Swallow/Miles Falcon Static Display Nelson Wilson
  PC-12 Static Display Lilydale Flying School
13:00 Normal Operations Cease 
13:00 Skydive the Beach Maddison Bartlett PAC 08-600 VH-WKD
13:03 RC Model Flying display Terry Pollock, Event Sec Multiple NA
13:11 Skydive the Beach Maddison Bartlett PAC 08-600 VH-WKD
13:15 Super Decathlon Jock Folan 8KCAB VH-KAR
13:21 CAC-18 Mustang Jeff Trappett CAC-18 Mustrang VH-AGJ
13;27 North American T-28 Chris Godfrey Trojan VH-PFM
13:32   Siai Marchetti Stephen Gale x 1  Stephen Baker S211 S211 VH-DZJ VH-SGB
13:40 Glider Tow Launch & Display Matt Williams – Tow  Garry Sharp – Glider 8KCAB Twin Astir VH-KAR VH-NGV
  Model Glider Tow Launch Terry Pollock, Event Sec Multiple
13:48 RV Paul Andronicou RV8 VH-VPA
13:54 RAAF Roulette Solo Display Dion Courtney PC-9 RAAF
140:2 Antique Airways Brad Hurley Tiger Moth VH-PME
14:07 Antique Airways Jeremy Hurley Stinson L-5 VH-CDF
14:07 / 14:12 Antique Airways James Courtney CAC-25 Winjeel VH-EDA
1417   Formation Pass Jeremy Hurley  James Courtney AESL T-6 (Victa) CAC-25 VH-JVV VH-EDA
14:12 / 14:21 RV7 Aerobatic Display Michael Jones RV7 VH-XIE
14:18 / 142:7   Yak 52 TW Formation Display Andrew Temby  Jim Whickam Yak-52 Yak-52 VH-YKK VH-YYB
14:24 / 14:33 Yak 52TW Solo Display Andrew Temby Yak-52 VH-YKK
14:30 / 14:39 Bonanza Aerobatics Jock Folan F33C VH-JLF
14:35 / 14:44   LFS/LFC Formation 1 Jock Folan  Andrew Temby  Jim Whickam BE33 Yak52TW Yak52TW VH-JLF VH-YKK VH-YYB
LFS/LFC Formation 2 Bob Irvine  Steve Hitchen  Geoff Beutel  Matt Williams Con Sumari C-177 PA-28 PA-28 PA-28 PA-28 VH-DZP VH-MGV VH-CWW VH-RCR VH-DDM
14:45 / 14:54 PC-12 Handling Display Craig Hammond/Darren Kelly PC-12 VH-XAQ
14:51 / 15:00 Extra Aerobatics Paul Andronicou Extra 300SC VH-IXC
15:10 End -Resume Normal Ops

This programme may change for operational or other reasons. This is a guide only.