Green Machine

This is not a pretty aeroplane.


But wow, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in performance!

It’s known around Lilydale as “The Green Machine”. Sometimes it’s called a Fletcher, and other times a Cresco, but technically it’s a PAC 08-600. See, even the name is ugly! The PAC stands for Pacific Aerospace Corporation; that’s an impressive specialised aircraft manufacturer in New Zealand. (Their other famous product is the CT-4 Airtrainer, which is a derivative of the Australian-designed Victa Airtourer.)

The Green Machine operates regularly out of Lilydale as a sky dive aircraft with Skydive Yarra Valley. The sky divers are loaded into the back of the aircraft through a massive door into a very sparse interior. The aircraft has an extraordinarily powerful PT6 turboprop engine, which gives it an amazing short take off roll. It climbs very quickly to height, drops its cargo, and descends quickly to a short landing ready for the next load. (Another affectionate name for this aircraft is the Meat Bomber! Think about it!)

If you would like to try sky diving yourself, ask for information at the Skydive Yarra Valley office right here at Lilydale. It’s a thrill that might turn into an obsession!



Fast Italian Jet

You don’t often see jet aircraft at the smaller airfields like Lilydale, and it’s even rarer to see small fast ex-military jet trainers. One of the prettiest jet trainer is the Italian-designed SAIA Marchetti S-211.

At Lilydale Air Show, you’ll get to see not one, but two S-211s flying close in formation! (They can’t land here, but they will be making a very spectacular aerial display!)


Both S-211s on display were built in 1985, and served with the Republic of Singapore Air Force until 2008. Their top speed is over 360 knots… that’s 660 kph! The two-seaters can fly as high as 40,000 feet, and are powered by a Pratt and Whitney JT-15 turbofan engine.

Cover your ears, because these little rockets make a lot of noise as they scream past!