Super Decathlon

Some people watching the air display will end up taking up the challenge and learning to fly. Once you’ve got your pilot’s licence, you may choose to take up aerobatics.

Arguably the best aerobatic trainer in the world is the ACA Super Decathlon, and a blue and white “Decath” will be putting on a display at Lilydale Air Show.

The Decathlon first flew in 1972, and is still in production today. Variants produced by Champion, Bellanca and ACA include the Decathlon 150 hp, Super Decathlon 180 hp, and the Decathlon Xtreme 210 hp. The Decathlon is purpose-built for aerobatics, and has a steel tube frame covered with fabric, and inverted fuel and oil systems. It was a derivative of the earlier Citabria, which in turn was based on the 65 hp Aeronca Champ of 1946. The Decathlon is a very capable and responsive aerobatic trainer and competition aircraft, which is a joy to fly.