Tiger, Tiger!

One of the most recognisable aeroplanes of all times is the de Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth. Tigers were produced in huge numbers to provide trainers for the air forces of pretty much every country in the British Commonwealth during World War II. Over 1000 were manufactured in Australia alone. After the War, Tiger Moths became the standard equipment for most flying schools.


The two seat open cockpit Tiger Moth has a steel-tube fuselage, shaped with wood and covered with fabric. The wing is all wood, and also covered with fabric. This type of construction is often called Rag and Tube. Some Tiger Moths in the UK were made in furniture factories! Their simple but rugged design has proved the test of time, and over 1000 are still flying around the world. Lilydale hosts Vintage Airways, which operates two Tigers along with some other classic aeroplanes. And they offer joy flights in the Tiger from Lilydale.

Open cockpit flying over the Yarra Valley in one of the greatest of all aeroplanes? Where do I sign up?