Yak Attack!

Have you been wondering what the plane on the posters, flyers and Web site is? Well, it’s a Yak.


Its full name is the Yakovlev Yak-52, and the one in the picture lives at Lilydale Airport, and belongs to Andrew Temby. The Yak is a Soviet-era Russian-designed military aerobatic trainer aircraft, with two seats and a big 360 horsepower nine-cylinder radial engine. Andrew’s Yak was built in Romania in 2004, but the first Yak-52 flew in 1976. It looks like a much older design, but when you see it flying, you know it’s something special.

Some say the Yak uses power rather than aerodynamics to muscle its way around the sky, and it’s an interesting contrast to compare this grumbling Russian machine with the screaming precision of a modern “western” aerobatic aircraft such as the Extra 300, which you’ll also see at the Lilydale Air Show.

And the smoke in the picture is display smoke… it’s pumped out to make it easier for spectators to see.