They may be fun, but they’re not toys!

As kids, many of us made plastic model aircraft, and dreamed we were the little pilots inside them. Some of the more enthusiastic of us moved on to make our own radio-controlled model aircraft out of balsa and tissue paper, powered by a high-pitched glow-plug engine. If that’s what you think radio-controlled model aircraft look like these days, you are truly mistaken! A few modellers have continued the passion and now design and build beautiful, incredibly detailed, high performance aircraft that happen to be not full sized.

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Model aircraft flying today is as sophisticated as general aviation. At Lilydale Airport, we are lucky to have as neighbours the Lilydale District Model Flying Association (LDMFA), and they are showcasing some of their most amazing aircraft.

Some, such as the half-scale Piper Pawnee, are almost big enough to carry pilots. One of the displays at Lilydale Air Show on Sunday will be the Pawnee towing and releasing a radio-controlled glider. It’s easy to get the model flying bug, and LDMFA will have also have a static display and information desk so that you can join this enthusiastic band of pilots.

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