RAAF PC-9 Solo Display

Flight Lieutenant Jonathan Morgan is a flying instructor. But unlike the Lilydale Flying School instructors who teach students in the tiny Jabirus and the ever-reliable Piper Warriors, Jonathan teaches in a much bigger, much more powerful, and much faster aircraft! The Pilatus PC-9!


Jonathan is at Central Flying School in East Sale, and was previously a member of the RAAF’s elite formation team the Roulettes. The PC-9 is the RAAF’s advanced turbo-prop trainer, and will be making some high speed passes over the airfield at speeds of up to 550 kmh! The two-seat PC-9s’s Pratt and Whitney PT6A engine produces 950 horsepower, and Jonathan will be working hard doing loops, rolls, hammerheads and inverted flying, pulling between 6G and minus 3G.


As well as seeing the PC-9 in the air, you’ll also be able to see the PC-9 on the ground amongst the display aircraft. Don’t miss seeing this graceful and awesome aircraft at Lilydale Air Show on Sunday!