Mighty Mustang!

Arguably the greatest American fighter aircraft of World War II was the North American P-51 Mustang. The Mustang was also one of Australia’s most important fighters. The RAAF’s 3 Squadron was the first to be equipped with Mustangs in Italy in 1944, but the majority of RAAF Mustangs were made here in Australia by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. CAC assembled 80 CA-17, and fully manufactured 120 CA-18 Mustangs between 1945 and 1952. CAC Mustangs served in the Korean War with 77 Squadron.

The Mustang that will grace the skies over Lilydale is a CA-18 Mustang, made in Port Melbourne, and it is powered by the most famous aircraft engine of all time: the Merlin. A 1500 horsepower, supercharged V-12 with a displacement of 27 litres! The Rolls Royce Merlin was also used in the Spitfire, Lancaster, Hurricane and Mosquito.


This beautifully restored machine is owned and flown by Jeff Trappett from Morwell.

We’ll be shutting down the public address system when the Mustang flies over so that you can enjoy the sweet sound of the Merlin and the muscle of the mighty Mustang, one of the fastest and most graceful piston-engine aircraft ever built.