Fast Italian Jet

You don’t often see jet aircraft at the smaller airfields like Lilydale, and it’s even rarer to see small fast ex-military jet trainers. One of the prettiest jet trainer is the Italian-designed SAIA Marchetti S-211.

At Lilydale Air Show, you’ll get to see not one, but two S-211s flying close in formation! (They can’t land here, but they will be making a very spectacular aerial display!)


Both S-211s on display were built in 1985, and served with the Republic of Singapore Air Force until 2008. Their top speed is over 360 knots… that’s 660 kph! The two-seaters can fly as high as 40,000 feet, and are powered by a Pratt and Whitney JT-15 turbofan engine.

Cover your ears, because these little rockets make a lot of noise as they scream past!